A server with a custom game mode - Factions Blitz, and a unique Soft-Claims mechanic. Gameplay is fast-paced, resources are easier to get, there is a strong emphasis on faction PVP/wars. On top of that, we offer a lot of custom game mechanics described below.

IP: juulcraft.csrv.pl


  • Blocks in other factions' land are breakable, except for special "wall" blocks which can be used for defense and take a very long time to break through. (more info on /spawn)
  • Elytras, ender pearls, chorus fruit and trident riptide are disabled to make raiding ground bases more challenging.


  • Every hour, 10 supply chests spawn randomly in the world. These chests contain PVP and Faction gear and finding them is a great way for new players to start out.
  • The map resets every month to keep the gameplay fresh. The only way to keep items in-between wipes is through an Ender Chest.
  • Ender Chests require a nether star to be opened.

Custom Enchantments

  • Players can obtain custom enchantments, a list of which can be found here.


  • There is a shop at spawn in which you can buy and sell rare items.
  • Players can rent out villagers in the market at spawn to trade their items.

Other Gameplay Tweaks

  • You can see through nether portals!
  • Night can be skipped if at least 50% of players are sleeping.
  • Trees can be chopped down in one go when using an axe.

Our mission is to build on top of Minecraft vanilla mechanics to provide unique and challenging gameplay experiences.

The server runs purely on donations, so you won't see any pay-to-win schemes here. We currently have a rather small player base, and we're looking for some new dedicated players to make the competition even stronger.

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Instagram: @juulcraft.mc